What is an experimental photographer?

I’m an experimental photographer, meaning that I take photos while conducting various experiments.
The purpose of these experiments is to take photographs that have never been seen before and to convey how interesting photography can be.


There are three aspects of photography that are essential to my process of creating images…accident, discovery, and analog.
“Accident” encompasses the accidentality of photographs.
“Discovery” means to discover small things that have always been close to us.
And “Analog” refers to the analog expression which can’t be expressed digitally.


I have invented the “shaking amplification device” to correspond to the accidentality of the photograph. I shoot while shaking the camera with this device.


I used to just shake my hand to take blurry photos, but I invented this device to make it impossible to control the movement.
I use this device to take photos of the famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo.
For example, I took this photo at the Shibuya intersection. It’s the most crowded intersection in Japan.

Normally, people take photos that fit with their image of what the sightseeing spot should look like.
However, this device breaks down such preconceived images and show us another aspect of the familiar sight.
The purpose of this project isn’t just to take abstract photos but to add the element of the accidental to my intent as a photographer.
I also want to make the viewer’s imagination work in order to appreciate the blurred subject.
Next, I will show you a photograph with the theme of discovery.
What do you think this photo looks like?

This is actually a molehill.
It gets its shape from erosion by rain.
I shot this from the bottom so that this small pile looks large, like a mountain range.
I want to discover the universe close to me. And I want to convey the pleasures of having a “sense of wonder.”


My last point is shooting with analog representation.
This is a device called the Soratama that I invented. You can take photos like these with it.

Soratama means an aerial ball. I commercialized the Soratama, and there are many Soratama enthusiasts around the world.
This is a handmade kaleidoscope. When you shoot with this kaleidoscope, you can take photos like this.

You can achieve similar effects to the Soratama and the kaleidoscope by using Photoshop.
But analog nuances can’t be created digitally.
I hope to convey how to enjoy basic photographs with such analog techniques.

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