Negative Plants

When I first started taking photos, I would walk around my neighborhood and take black-and-white shots of the street.
But before I knew it, I was often taking photos of plants that looked like dried flowers.
Maybe the image of a withered plant synced with my mind at the time.
I now also photograph lush, fresh flowers, but for some reason, my heart will always be drawn to withered plants.

This time I took a picture of withered plants that I picked up in the neighborhood. I photographed them in my room, then inverted the color scheme to make it negative.

If you invert the image, it makes the bright part dark and the dark part bright. Meanwhile, the color of the withered plants became a complementary blue.

My mind has synced up with the frequency of the withered plants, my feelings were slightly uplifted when I inverted them to blue.










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